January 26, 2018

Does Satan exist?

In his own charming style, Paramhansa Yogananda asked Swami Kriyananda:

“What keeps the Earth from flying off into space?” I said, “It’s the magnetic pull of the Sun that holds the Earth in its orbit.” Then he said, “Well, what keeps the Earth from falling back into the Sun?” I said, “The centrifugal force of our orbit keeps the Earth always pulling in an outward direction.” He didn’t say anything more, but just smiled. I thought, “How interesting that he wanted this basic astronomical lesson! I hope I’ve enlightened him.” (laughter)

Months later I suddenly thought, “My God, he wasn’t asking about astronomy; it was an allegory.” It’s God’s love that keeps us from moving off too far from Him – He’s always in our hearts, pulling us back so we can never stray too far. We can never become absolutely evil because God’s love in our heart is always there drawing us back to what we really are, and that God is in everybody. But what keeps us from merging back into Him? It’s the centrifugal pull of the ego, of our desires, our wish to remain separate, and to get out into the world and do things on our own.

This collective force that is designed to keep the earth rotating is Satan. It is a conscious force. It doesn’t want us to fly out of earth and merge into Sun. Metaphysically speaking, it wants us locked up in the base and not to reach for the spiritual eye. Just as a simple cell in our body knows how to make our body structure with intelligence, this force is intelligent too, in matter of fact cunning. It gets us trapped as soon as we glance with slightest inclination.

Bhagavad gita points this directly here:

Dwelling mentally on sense objects breeds attachment to them.

(2:62, 63) Dwelling mentally on sense objects breeds attachment to them. From attachment arises craving. From craving (when frustrated) springs anger. Anger produces delusion. Delusion causes forgetfulness (of the Self). Loss of memory (as to what one is, in truth) causes decay of the power of discrimination. From loss of discrimination ensues the annihilation of all right understanding.

So don’t get bogged down if your good intentions are marred. It is part of the play and here is what we can do:

In his recent blog Nayaswami Jyotish shares Babaji’s advice:

It is my job to help increase the light

“Why don’t you do something to stop all the darkness we see in the world today?”

Babaji’s answer was fascinating and enlightening. “Darkness,” he said, “has its necessary place, since creation depends upon the duality of both light and dark for its very existence. But although I cannot stop the darkness, it is my job to help increase the light.” Good advice for all of us.

3 Comments on “Does Satan exist?

January 26, 2018 at 8:45 am

Thank you. Wonderful! “Dwelling mentally on sense objects breeds attachment to them” similarly dwell on Master and his teachings, talks will improve our attunement, loyalty to Master and to God?

Darkness or existence of evilness is part of God’s play on duality is Life, and clinging to Masters will drive away the darkness. Awesome.

Premkumar S
January 26, 2018 at 12:03 pm

Very Nice, Thulasi. Connecting different topics and relating it to the one source. Short and sweet 🙂
Jai Guru

January 27, 2018 at 1:28 pm

Wonderful Thulsi…. Ur blog is a great help to me & others who r new to the path… Just loved the way u framed…. Beautiful keep going.. Aatma Namaste..


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