January 30, 2018

Change your habits in a day*

“Habits,” the Master replied, “can be changed in a day. They are nothing but concentration of the mind. You’ve been concentrating one way: Simply concentrate another way, and you’ll completely overcome the habit.”

Wow, when was the last time, you changed tracks so quickly. Ya, I can change music tracks quickly on my iTunes. Simply press the next button and I am on a new track. The point to note here is that I have direct control. If you ask me to change songs in a FM radio channel, it will be difficult.

Agreed, that we don’t have control over something external, but how can I direct my habit bound body to listen to my mind? Swami used to quote Mark Twain’s rueful comment, ‘Smoking’s the easiest habit in the world to give up: I’ve done it a thousand times!’ There is something missing, otherwise why wouldn’t my body listen to my mind?

The “missing link” between mind and body, between an idea and its fulfillment, and between aspiration and success is in every case the same thing: energy.

The more we are in control of our energies, the more we can restrain them from the current unwanted direction and redirect them more constructively. And the best place to be in control is at the source.

Always remain in the Self

Paramhansa Yogananda once said to me [to Swami ji], “Always remain in the Self. Come down every now and then to eat or talk a little bit as necessary, then withdraw into the Self again.” To remain more in the Self means to live more in the spine, and at the point between the eyebrows. The yogi’s awareness of the spinal energy must ever be directed upward.

*I  hope we are clear on the conditions that apply here!

3 Comments on “Change your habits in a day*

January 30, 2018 at 1:53 pm

Very nice, Thulasi 🙂 yeah, just a shake of a watch can change the track nowadays and we should aim at that level, just shake of the head – ‘no’ – to that certain habit that we would like to avoid and should be done with it. Masters grace :))

January 30, 2018 at 4:51 pm

Dearest Thulsi, everyday u turn me into new thoughts, which I really wish to make a preference, unknowingly u r leading me to where I need attention on, is a Great blessing to me through u, ultimately from Our Master… Aum Guru, Master’s blessings always be bestowed on u dear Brother of mine.. Luv Seema

January 30, 2018 at 4:52 pm

Well done Thulasi….love your blog. Inspiring and lovely way connecting us with Master’s and Swamiji’s teachings.


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