March 26, 2018

The technicali-tea 

Last weekend, we were at the Mahamudra restaurant after a long Kriyaban meditation with Nayaswami Jaya. Please note there is no pun intended. The name of the restaurant is Mahamudra and we get excellent South Indian varieties and not required to do special yoga posture to fill ourselves with the universal cosmic energy!

Nayaswami Jaya, Spiritual Director of Ananda Sangha India

The tea was served and the discussion moved towards Jaya ji’s previous visits to China. He shared a funny story wherein the hostess kept filling his tea cup as soon as he finished drinking it. Hmm, he didn’t want to let it stay and get cold. So he completed the next round and soon found the hostess had the cup filled again. He didn’t know how to get out of this cycle! Later he came to know that the way out was to turn the cup upside down!

We too get caught in this ocean of suffering and don’t know how to get away. The way out is to turn inward.

Continuing along, the hostess asked him how was the tea. Here Jaya ji brought out his tea knowledge. He had heard during his college days that there are basically three types of tea: Green tea (not processed), Oolong tea (moderately oxidized) and Black tea (fully oxidized) and he knew how to differentiate them when served. So he said to the hostess smugly as he puts it, ‘it is a very good oolong tea’ and there you go, the eyes of the hostess brightened up. You see, not many visitors know the type of the tea and his insight into the tea matters really impressed her.

How often we see that mentioning something to other person that is of importance to them, be it their name or greeting them on their birthday or enquiring about their children’s Math exam, we immediately have their attention. This genuine interest from our side sparks a joyful conversation that reveals many more details.

Conversation with God

So, how do you make a conversation with your inner realities? Using the knowledge received from your guru, show your interest to them. You could tell to the chakras that you know their sounds and listen intently with a joyful expectation. You can tell to the life currents that you know their sounds or their sensations or other attributes and practice the simulation and consequently the stimulation.

Here is Master’s Aum song describing the sounds of various chakras [you can turn on subtitles to read the lyrics]

So not only do you turn inward and merely abstain from outward desires, but ignite an inner conversation with your own self. Then you come to realise the truth in the following statement by Bhaduri Mahasaya, the levitating saint:

“I have left a few paltry rupees, a few petty pleasures, for a cosmic empire of endless bliss. How then have I denied myself anything? I know the joy of sharing the treasure. Is that a sacrifice? The shortsighted worldly folk are verily the real renunciates! They relinquish an unparalleled divine possession for a poor handful of earthly toys!”

At Maharshi Nagendranath Bhaduri’s ashram at Kolkata

4 Comments on “The technicali-tea 

Premkumar S
March 27, 2018 at 12:07 pm

Very nice, Thulasi. Excellent Comparisons.

March 27, 2018 at 12:19 pm

Wow !!! simply beautiful Thulasi…love the way you have shared and compared. Thank you for posting one of my favorite songs.

March 27, 2018 at 1:31 pm

Thank you Thulasi, recollecting the tea cup cycle. I wish I am able to turn my “cup” downwards so the cup of woes do not get filled in again. It seems never ending. I am pondering over!

March 27, 2018 at 10:48 pm

Beautiful as always Thulsi… The joy to read every time u write from Ur heart, the words that r touching us with Joy.. Is that all matters me…. It was soooooo beautiful…every time I get a lot to learn from what u pen…. Thanks once again Lil Bro of mine….. ??? .


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