April 3, 2018

Divine Friendship

It was my early visits to Ananda. As with many newcomers I was roaming along the book table. An energetic voice awakened me from my reverie.

What’s your name?
Oh is it, do you know Tulsi Bose, Yogananda ji’s friend mentioned in Autobiography?
Wow, is it?

I didn’t know. But good to know. Firstly, I wondered how I had missed ‘my’ name in the book that was my daily spiritual food for so long. But from then on Master became my close friend. I wanted to be close with Master and it became easy for me to become friends with his other friends, gurubhais. But when some of them left the path or moved away, I couldn’t connect the same way with them and I wondered ‘Where has my love gone?’. I understood that it was Master that I was loving through them.

Here is a beautiful song by Swami ji titled ‘Where has my love gone?’:

On the other hand, I found my love gone when others didn’t fit in my mold or expectations. What now?
I have since then come to appreciate the truth in these following words and the need to transcend my ‘if’y love into infinite love.

Closeness is about perfecting self-giving love and pure friendship. If you are close with someone, yes, you have been with that person before, probably many times, in different kinds of relationships. In this life that old relationship has its outer appropriate expression, and needs to be brought into the right direction: selfless love, without possessiveness, being useful, inspiring the other to grow toward God. In other words, being close to someone is a call to work on ourselves, to express love and friendship ever more purely. It’s a process which goes on life after life. The result, divine friendship, is one of the most precious things on earth.
Inward closeness, without being outwardly close, can be most beautiful too: two souls touching on an inner level. Both know about it, the rest of the world doesn’t.

Lyrics to the above song:

Where Has My Love Gone?
(A mystical love song)

1. Where has my love gone?
Long are the nights,
Now that she’s left me,
Dimmed my delights.

Where is my love, friend?
Passed she this way?
Saw you her smile?
Ah! What did she say?

Ah! Passed she here?
My sweetheart, passed she here?

5. There by my bed
She left me a note.
Can you explain
These words that she wrote?

“Seek me,” she said, “love,
Out on the sea:
Boundless the reaches
Of true love must be.”

Ah! Passed she here?
My sweetheart, passed she here?

3 Comments on “Divine Friendship

Premkumar S
April 4, 2018 at 10:04 am

Very Nice Thulasi. Getting to know more works of Swamiji & Master through your blog 🙂
Keep inspiring!!!
I read this quote of Master – I think it was in our Whatsapp group

Friendship is the universal spiritual attraction that unites souls in the bond of divine love. The Spirit was One. By the law of duality, it became two- positive and negative. Then, by the law of infinity applied to the law of relativity, it became many. Now the One in the many is endeavoring to unite the many and make them one. This effort of the Spirit, to unify many souls into the One, works through our emotions, intelligence, and intuition, and finds expression through friendship

April 5, 2018 at 1:24 pm

Thulsi,… Keep going it’s a treat for us.. Connecting Master in different ways… Thanks a lot Lil Bro of mine for the efforts & devotion that it is helping me a lot… Every time??
….wishing u abundance of love from Master…. Ur Sis?? Seema ?

Sumitra ( Ananda delhi)
April 5, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Wonderful thulasi… loved it.


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