April 10, 2018

Center everywhere, circumference nowhere

We have all heard or used the phrase ‘concentrate on your studies’ but no one ever told how to. To concentrate is like finding the center of concentric circles. One of the best practices to attain this level of focus is the ‘Hong-Sau’ technique. You can learn the technique here: https://www.ananda.org/meditation/how-to-meditate/

We don’t do much here in this technique except for bringing the mind back on doing it!

Nayaswami Jyotish explains that

The key to success with the “Hong-Sau Technique” is to deepen your concentration at the spiritual eye until you no longer think about anything except the rhythmic flow of the breath.

As you do this practice you will find that ‘the breath will become increasingly slow or shallow of its own accord, allowing us to go more deeply into concentration.’ In a way, you are reaching your center. Once you find your center, you will be able to see where the other person is coming from.

The secret of understanding other people is to identify with them at their center

The secret of understanding is to get mentally inside whatever it is you are trying to understand – to gaze outward, so to speak, from its center rather than inward from its periphery. The secret of understanding other people is to identify with them at their center. To find the center of anything or anyone, first withdraw to your own center and project your feelings empathetically from that point.

The other part to it is that as the breath becomes calmer, one becomes calm and there steals upon us a wonderful sense of expansion. By prolonging and enjoying the after effects of this practice, we feel kinship with all of creation.

Swami Kriyananda used a beautiful analogy:

On a large lake, the ice sheet that covers it in winter might take a power greater than the combined strength of thousands of men to be broken through, even if they pressed all together over its whole surface. To reach the water underneath the ice, however, is not so difficult if even one human being will drill at a single spot on the icy surface.

He is also, in His infinity, infinitesimal

and Master clarified this point to a scientist,

“Your conception of Infinity is too finite!” rejoined the Master with ready wit. “Although the Lord is infinitely vast, He is also, in His infinity, infinitesimal.

“Infinity means, ‘without end.’ The infinity of God’s consciousness goes not only outward, but inward—to the very heart of the atom. He is as conscious of every human thought, of every feeling, as He is of the movements of vast galaxies in space.”

‘The divine eye is center everywhere, circumference nowhere’

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