May 1, 2018

The game changer

People want go getters, who can get work done. But at the cost of getting work done, most people compromise their values.


There are two principles that have been at the basis of what we’ve done. One is that people are more important than things, and the other is that where there is adherence to truth, there is victory.

We don’t see these honored in many offices these days and consequently there is no life in them.

One of the chapters in Swami Kriyananda’s book  ‘Hope For A Better World’ is titled – Ask First: Will It Work?

Is it not possible to be kinder and deliver your work? Does precise project plan and succinct presentations produce innovative solutions?

How does this universe deliver projects? The stars and the planets come to work daily. The plants perform the magic of photosynthesis to produce our food. Our bodies are stunningly adept at project management in spite of our mismanagement. Who is in charge? How is order possible in this ever disintegrating world of chaos?

Love makes it possible. Service to others makes it work.

The main purpose of business should be service, not only money making. The store that gives the best service and the best products is the one people like. Remember that you must serve in order to make others happy.

The law of prosperity is not governed by the law of selfishness, but by the law of unselfishness. Each one of us must live for others. In supporting yourself, you must also support others.

Inspiration and the magnetism to make people want to do it with their whole heart is going to be the game changer.

To be inspired in any desired subject, form a clear concept, first, of what you want. Focus that concept at the point between the eyebrows; then, mentally and with love (this feeling is important), demand that the inspiration be given to you.

Concentrate, then, at the point between the eyebrows. Next, try to sense in your heart — to “listen” there, as it were, for the response. When it comes, it is in the heart that you will feel it.

Behind the arid project plans and requirement documents there is energy involved. You can feel it. To be in the flow and to sense what is trying to happen is the key. Remember this energy is not inert, it is intelligent and conscious. Unless the energy is right, it is not going to work.

If that’s hard to relate, imagine hundreds of angels assigned to assist you in the project. What will be your action point then? If we can tune into that reality, work gets done with joy and with astonishing efficiency. The angels may not be in your paychecks but appreciation and love for your friends makes them rejoice in heaven.

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