Lessons from a dream

My friend Sanjay (fictitious) recounted to me a nightmare he had the previous night. After explaining the complex plot, he told me that he killed his enemy in the dream and with that shock, he woke up from the nightmare. He wondered whether he will be punished for having killed his enemy in the dream. […]

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Change your habits in a day*

“Habits,” the Master replied, “can be changed in a day. They are nothing but concentration of the mind. You’ve been concentrating one way: Simply concentrate another way, and you’ll completely overcome the habit.” Wow, when was the last time, you changed tracks so quickly. Ya, I can change music tracks quickly on my iTunes. Simply […]

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Does Satan exist?

In his own charming style, Paramhansa Yogananda asked Swami Kriyananda: “What keeps the Earth from flying off into space?” I said, “It’s the magnetic pull of the Sun that holds the Earth in its orbit.” Then he said, “Well, what keeps the Earth from falling back into the Sun?” I said, “The centrifugal force of […]

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